Simaria is reunited with her sister at her nephew’s party and Simone leaves the place early

The sisters Simone and Simaria

The sisters Simone and Simaria

Photo: Playback/Instagram

The sisters Simone and Simaria were seen together publicly for the first time this Thursday, 4, since the two stopped sharing the stage. They are present at the 8th birthday party of Henry, Simone’s eldest son.

Simaria attended her nephew’s party accompanied by her two children Giovanna, 9 years old and Pawel, 6 years old. On social media, the aunt shared a video hugging and kissing Henry and also having fun on the toys.

There are reports that the sisters only greeted each other briefly and did not even pose for photos together. But what caught the eye was Simone’s early departure. She left the party before the end.

“I came home early because your singer has an exam very early. The battery of exams is big”, Simone reported in a video on Instagram. The singer also shared images this Friday morning, 5, of her in a laboratory collecting blood.

Simone celebrates her son's birthday with a dinosaur-themed party

Simone celebrates her son’s birthday with a dinosaur-themed party

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Fights and disagreements

The sisters have been the protagonists of a series of fights and disagreements. In the month of May, an audio leaked of a fight between Simone and Simaria on the Ratinho program. The two disagreed about what to sing on stage, but Simone explained: “We’re not fighting, just brothers ‘fight’. The love we feel for each other is greater than anything.”

In June, another discussion came to light why Simaria would have felt sick and been late for about 1h20 for the show at São João de Caruaru. Simone started the show without her sister, who had time to sing just three songs and didn’t want to end the show.

When positioning themselves on the disagreement, the duo tried to play with the situation and, in place of a supposed video of ‘official pronouncement’, they released the clip of one of their new songs, “Amiga”, available since April 29.

But apparently, all was not well between the sisters. In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, Simaria did not hide Simone’s hurt and said that her partner tries to control her.

“It was my cry for help, because everything I’m going to do is reproached by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself?” : “I don’t have to go through that. Do 30 shows in a month, go without food all day, go hungry.”

On June 16, Simaria announced that she was away from the stage for health reasons and the concert schedule was fulfilled only by Simone. The future of the duo is still very uncertain.

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