Simaria’s arrival at his nephew’s party causes a tense atmosphere

As reported exclusively by this columnist, Simaria was present at the birthday party of Henry, Simone’s eldest son, which took place in São Paulo, this Thursday (8/3). Sources who were present at the event commented that the singer’s arrival took place at the back of the party house, and automatically generated a climate of tension among guests.

Simaria’s departure was only publicly exposed because a caricature company that carried out actions during the event released a video of the singer on social networks. Moments later, the press present at the place also passed on pictures of her with her children.


The fact is that no one expected the meeting between Simone and Simaria to happen, much less in the midst of a family celebration. After all, this was the first public appearance of the two since the crisis of the duo.

As already reported, the sisters greeted each other briefly, without any hint of affection or even a photo together. Moments later, Simone left her son’s party suddenly, leaving the guests confused.

Kaká Diniz, Simone’s husband, stayed at the party with their children. Simaria was also present at the event.

The duo’s press office said that Simone’s sudden departure from her son’s birthday was due to medical appointments that the singer would have on Friday morning. Simone also made a point of sharing the battery of exams that she has been submitted through her stories on instagram.

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