Smallpox of monkeys: number of cases almost doubles in a week in Minas – Gerais

Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG) counts 81 monkeypox infections confirmed by laboratory tests carried out at Fundao Ezequiel Dias (Funed) (photo: iStock/Illustrative image)

In one week, the number of monkeypox cases almost doubled in Minas. The Minas Gerais State Health Department (SES-MG) reported this Friday (5/8) that 81 people are infected with the monkeypox virus. As of July 29, there were 49 confirmed cases of the disease.

According to the new epidemiological bulletin, which gathers data collected up to 2 pm today, SES-MG counts 158 discarded cases, 291 are under investigation and two were classified as probable infection.

According to SES-MG, those infected are male, aged between 21 and 55 years, and “are in good clinical condition”.

Only Belo Horizonte has community transmission. In this sense, of the 81 infected, 58 were reported in the capital in people who were abroad. With the highest number of people infected, Santa Luzia has four people infected with the virus. J Count has three contaminated people.

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With two confirmed cases are Governador Valadares, Ribeiro das Neves and Sete Lagoas. J Betim, Bom Despacho, Cataguases, Janaba, Juiz de Fora, Mariana, Poos de Caldas, Pouso Alegre, Tefilo Otoni and Uberlndia each have one infected person.

First smallpox death in Minas

Last Friday (7/29) the first death from monkey pox was confirmed. The victim is a man who lived in Belo Horizonte and was hospitalized in a hospital in the capital. He was from Par de Minas, in the central region of the state. According to the Ministry of Health, the victim was 41 years old and had low immunity, including cancer. A septic shock, compounded by the virus, was the cause of death, according to the folder.

In Brazil

According to data from the Ministry of Health updated this Thursday (4/8), 1,721 Brazilians are infected with the monkeypox virus. Most cases are concentrated in So Paulo, with 1,298 infected people. Next, Rio de Janeiro (190), Minas Gerais (75) and the Federal District (37) appear as the states with the highest incidence of monkeypox.

US national emergency

The United States leads with more than 6,600 cases. Brazil is the sixth country in the world in diagnosed cases of monkeypox.

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