Úrsula tells Joaquim how she managed to kidnap him from Carolina during childbirth and leaves him amazed: “I saved you when you were born”

Joaquim and Úrsula in Além da Illusion, Globo's six o'clock soap opera
Joaquim and Úrsula in Além da Illusion, Globo’s 6 o’clock soap opera (Photo: Montage)

In Beyond the Illusionshown by Globo at 6pm, Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) you will discover that you have always been deceived by Ursula (Barbara Paz). That’s because the woman he always believed was his mother kidnapped him when he was just a baby and took him from his true family.

With no way out, Úrsula will find herself obliged to justify to the boy the reason for stealing him from his biological mother. “I saved you when you were born, that’s right! Carolina was a poor wretch, a box office clerk at a filthy theater, the girlfriend of the clerk at an apothecary.“, says the villain, without scruples.

Then, Joaquim will ask details of what happened. “So he arrived at the godfather’s house with me in his arms saying that the child was his father’s?“, will ask the fop. Úrsula, in turn, will confirm: “Fernando was terrified, he wanted to touch me from there, but his wife, that holy soul, thinking you were Eugênio’s brother, let me stay“.

In the end, Joaquim will be completely horrified by such an atrocity and will detonate the woman. “You stole my family and my destiny from me! Made me a monster! Because of you, I did horrible things and never had a restful night’s sleep in my life.“, he will say, without hiding the resentment he will harbor against Úrsula.

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It is worth noting that Beyond the Illusion is written by Alessandra Poggi, under the general direction of Luís Felipe Sá and artistic direction of Luiz Henrique Rios. Starred by Larissa Manoela and Rafael Vittithe soap opera also features Danilo Mesquita, Débora Ozório, Malu Galli and others.

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