US declares health emergency over monkeypox

This Thursday (4), the US government declared that the United States has entered a health emergency situation because of the advance of cases of monkeypox, or monkeypox. White House Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra made the announcement and asked for the support of all citizens of the country in fighting the virus. The WHO had declared a global health emergency on the 23rd.

With the White House announcement, US health agencies can receive emergency monetary funds for use in patient care and transmission reduction measures. The states of Illinois, California and New York concentrate almost half of the confirmed and suspected cases of the disease.

monkeypox treatment

Treatment is primarily supportive, focusing on analgesia and hydration. Cases of proctitis may require stronger analgesics, laxatives, and mesalazine enemas, while abscesses may require drainage and antibiotic therapy.

Regarding the use of antivirals, there is no approved treatment specifically for monkeypox, but some drugs approved for orthopoxvirus are being evaluated. Its use is considered indicated only in severe cases, including individuals who need to be hospitalized due to their clinical condition, children over 8 years of age and pregnant women. To date, tecovirimat, cidofovir and brincidofovir are the drugs with in vitro or in animal models approved for use.


By the WHO, there is no recommendation for mass vaccination. Second- and third-generation smallpox vaccines may be useful against monkeypox, in cases of post-exposure prophylaxis of contacts (preferably within 4 days to prevent illness and 4 to 14 days to reduce symptoms), and as pre-exposure prophylaxis. of healthcare professionals at high risk of exposure and laboratory professionals working with orthopoxvirus or who perform diagnostic tests for monkeypox.

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