With leukemia, Susana Vieira is admitted to an ICU to treat Covid-19

The actress Susana Vieira, who is 79 years old, was admitted to an Intensive Care Center (ICU) to treat a picture of Covid-19 last Tuesday (2). According to the newspaper Extra, the paulista is in a bed in the Copa Star Hospitalin Copacabana.

According to the Rio de Janeiro newspaper, Susana is in good health, but needed hospitalization because she has leukemia, and needed further observation. The actress does not know when she will be discharged.

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Susana Vieira hospitalized

“I’m fine. The Covid left sequelae in the lung and I had to undergo a cycle of intravenous medication, so I’m hospitalized. As I have leukemia, hospitalization in ICU is protocol. With the medication and physiotherapy, I’ll be home soon “, informed the actress.

Susana turns 80 on August 23rd. The actress’ son, Rodrigo Otavio Cardoso, arrives in Brazil this weekend to celebrate her birthday. He is in Ibiza working as a DJ during the European summer season.

Susana Vieira and leukemia

Susana found out that she had leukemia in 2015. She says that she was not afraid when she received the diagnosis, she just asked the doctor: “When will I die? Will I go bald?”.

Controlled, the disease does not prevent the actress from working. She wants to act for a long time to come.

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