Xbox Game Pass Family Plan: Number of people and price, it’s time to do the math!

Xbox Game Pass is testing a kind of family plan in Colombia and Ireland that lets you share your subscription between four users. The service is live as of today, but is currently reserved for Xbox Insiders.

Within hours of announcing Xbox Game Pass games in early August 2022, Microsoft’s platform marks another potential bang, and it does so in sharp contrast to what it’s been trying to do, say, Netflix, which wants to limit this attitude.

In practice, you will be able to split your Xbox Game Pass subscription between four players. The suggested price, at least so far, is 25 dollars. So, let’s go to the accounts.

  • Amount of people: you can share with four people.
  • Suggested price: 25 dollars, which by the Microsoft conversion (forget the direct conversion) would be something around R$ 65 to R$ 75.

If it reaches the price of R$ 75 here in Brazil, I share it for five people, it would give about R$ 15 for each person on the Ultimate plan. It’s a big deal that’s sure to help popularize Game Pass among friends or family.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the great novelties of the year and that can attract many new players or save even more the pockets of many already subscribers. It’s crazy really.


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