ABC prepares to face monkeypox

Main changes are being made in the UBSs and health posts

With the increase in the number of monkeypox cases in the region, ABC is carrying out actions in several areas to help fight and prevent the disease. The main changes are being made in the UBSs (Basic Health Unit) and health posts, to improve care, diagnosis and monitoring of suspected and confirmed cases of monkeypox.

In an interview with RDtv, the public health doctor at the Department of Public Health at the Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Homero Nepomuceno, believes that the ABC region is not yet ready to face the disease. “When knowing which hospitals are related to the treatment of the disease in the region, it should be necessary to know if the employees are trained, if the hospital has the necessary materials and if there are separate beds for the patients”, he says.

Actions in cities

Santo André, carries out health education actions, distribution of explanatory material to support professionals; explanatory material to the population; construction of the service flow; meetings and training for professionals. In addition, the city optimized the flow of the public and private network so that the test samples could be sent in a timely manner to the Adolfo Lutz Institute. The municipality has already recorded 20 cases of the disease, ten of them confirmed in the epidemiological week, which took place from July 24 to 30.

In São Bernardo there are 21 cases of monkeypox, two of which were confirmed in the last week. All front-line staff have been trained in the detection and reception of suspected or confirmed cases of the disease. Cases are treated both in Basic Health Units (UBS) and in Emergency Care Units (UPA). If necessary, they are referred to an infectious disease specialist. The hospital network is equipped with isolation beds, but so far, the treatment of these patients is being done at home with the follow-up of the Family Health Teams. Health surveillance works to raise awareness of the population, with the distribution of posters and leaflets that contain prevention guidelines on the disease in all health units in the city, in addition to approaching the public and employees of nightclubs.

São Caetano set up a flow and structure of care at Cepadi (Center for Prevention and Assistance to Infectious-Contagious Diseases). The resident with symptoms, screened in the units or in our hospitals, is directed to Cepadi, which also meets free demand. The city has an available bed at the Clinics Hospital Complex, but so far it has not been used. In addition, the municipality has campaigns were carried out to raise awareness on social networks and in health units, informing people about forms of contagion and prevention. Health professionals received a flow of care from these patients as soon as the first cases arrived in São Paulo and have also received support and training. Last Tuesday (08/02), more than 150 professionals from the Health Network participated in a webinar, prepared by the network’s team of infectologists, on monkeypox with information on clinical status, guidelines for care and management in Health Services. . So far, four cases have been confirmed in the city.

Mauá has three confirmed cases of the disease. The municipality leaves dat guidelines of the clinical picture and symptomatology of the disease for measures of prevention, promotion and awareness of the health of the population. Monitoring of confirmed cases and contacts is carried out by health professionals at the reference UBS for 21 days after the last contact with a patient in the infectious period. the four Upas of the municipality have 2 rooms with 1 bed for care nO case of patients who need isolation, totaling 8 isolation beds nthe city.

Diadema has an established flow of assistance to treat the disease and the entire municipal network is prepared to provide care, diagnosis and monitoring of suspected and confirmed cases of monkeypox. The technicians of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) have also guided the private network of the municipality on the care of suspected cases. Professionals from the municipal network have been sensitized, received weekly informational materials on case definition updates, notification process, care flow, clinical management and other guidelines and discussed the topic in the “Situation Room” with the participation of managers and health unit managers. All patients diagnosed in the municipality are complying with home isolation and in good clinical condition, with only skin manifestations and being monitored by the teams of the Basic Units of reference with the support of Health Surveillance. Twelve cases of monkeypox were confirmed in the city, including four confirmed cases in Epidemiological Week and one case in week 30/22, referring to the period from 24 to 30 July.

Ribeirão Pires has only two cases of the disease and the city’s Health Department finalizes a Municipal Contingency Plan, which will be released next week. In addition, the screening processes and the information that will be distributed in the Basic Health and Family Units, and in strategic actions over the next few weeks, are already established.

Sought, the City Hall of Rio Grande da Serra did not manifest itself until the closing of this report.

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