After court battle, 12-year-old Brit dies after 4 months in coma – News

Archie Battersbee, 12, died in London this Saturday (6) at 12:15 pm (8:15 am GMT), after spending four months in a coma, in a state of brain death. He was being kept alive by life support in a hospital, which only now got permission to disconnect him, after a legal battle filed by parents of the boy, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, against the British healthcare system.

“Archie fought to the end, I’m proud to be his mother,” Hollie said in a TV interview.

On April 7, the mother found Archie unconscious at home, with signs that he had held his neck to make it difficult to breathe, likely as part of a online challenge, popular on the social network TikTok. This is the Blackout Challenge, which is known to have also involved five children from the United States, a boy from Australia and a girl from Italy, all with damage caused by the lack of oxygen in the brain.

In mid-July, the British court authorized the hospital to stop treatments that kept the boy alive, which included mechanical ventilation in combination with medication. The doctors confirmed that it was an irreversible case, which justified the decision.

However, Archie’s parents, with the support of a Christian organization, did not accept the diagnosis and judicial determination. They wanted their son to be kept alive until he died a natural death, and they went to court with various appeals.

All of Hollie and Paul’s requests were denied by the British and European courts, as the patient’s clinical analysis showed that there was no other option. Medical procedures were interrupted at 10 am this Saturday (6 am Brasília time).

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