Atltico vs Athletico-PR: see probable lineups for the game in Mineiro

Executioner of the Furac
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Carrasco do Furaco, Vargas should be a starter for Galo this Sunday

The direct confrontation for the first positions of the Brazilian Championship, between Atltico and Athletico-PR, should not have the main pieces of the two teams in the field. Involved in the quarter-final dispute of the Copa Libertadores, Galo and Furaco must send a mixed team to the field this Sunday, at 7 pm, in Mineiro, for the 21st round of Serie A.

Atltico will return to the field on Wednesday, against Palmeiras, away from home. In the first game, they drew 2-2 in BH. Athletico face Estudiantes, on Thursday, in Argentina. At home, it was 0-0. Both Galo and Furaco need a win to advance without depending on penalties.

See the probable lineups for the Brazilian duel


Coach Cuca can spare several holders against Athletico. Junior Alonso, who left the duel against Palmeiras with cramps, should not enter the field. The tendency is that the entire defensive line is formed by reserves.

The team’s starting left-back, Guilherme Arana is undergoing intensive treatment for the muscle injury in his left thigh to return to the team against Palmeiras. His participation against Hurricane is ruled out. Dod and Rubens fight for the spot.

From the middle to the front, players like Pavn, Pedrinho and Kardec can win their first chance as holders at Atltico. Hulk, Keno and Zaracho, worn out, must be spared. J Ademir is suspended.

Atltico must enter the field with: Everson; Guga, Igor Rabello, Rver and Dod; Allan, Otvio and Nacho (Pavn); Eduardo Vargas, Pedrinho and Alan Kardec (Sasha).


Athletico-PR should also have the same strategy as Atltico and spare the main players. One thing is certain: the injured midfielder Marlos is out of the match at Mineiro.

Holders like Thiago Heleno, Khellven, Abner, Fernandinho and Pablo can be spared. Young Vitor Roque, revealed by Cruzeiro, can return to the team led by Felipo.

Furaco must play with: Bento; Khellven (Orejuela), Matheus Felipe, Nico Hernndez and Pedrinho; Matheus Fernandes, Lo Cittadini and Vitor Bueno; Vitinho, Rmulo and Vitor Roque.

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