Broken with Bruno, Thiago Gagliasso reveals assets

Bruno Gagliasso is a millionaire actor, but apparently that hasn’t helped his brother, Thiago Gagliasso (PL), to follow the same path. Candidate for state deputy for Rio de Janeiro, the politician declared with the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) that does not own anythis includes any accounts with money held in his name.

Thiago had his candidacy registered in the last few hours in the TSE system and, according to a consultation made by the OnScreenin the list of registered goods appears the mark “no good recorded”. According to the legislation, the candidate must register movable and immovable assets that are in his name or bank account with deposited money.

The candidate was, until recently, an employee of the government of the state of Rio de Janeiro and had a salary of around R$ 8 thousand. Linked to Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the former A Fazenda broke up with his family and even provoked his brother Bruno, who is one of the biggest defenders of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). Although the actor has said that the breakup was not for political reasons, the two have made public discussions on the topic. Recently, after the racism suffered by Bruno’s children, Thiago recorded a video to defend his nephews.

Poor Thiago, Rich Bruno

Broken with Bruno, Thiago Gagliasso reveals assets

The lack of registered assets for Thiago draws attention because it seems to be a counterpoint to Bruno. Hired for many years by Globo, he is currently at Netflix, the artist invests in various segments, from culinary to real estate.

In 2020, survey of the People With Money revealed that he has an estimated fortune of R$ 185 million. Titi’s father also owns an inn in Fernando de Noronha, which even hosts internationally renowned stars. He accumulates investments and has one of the highest salaries among Brazilian artists.

Thiago out of partnership with Bruno?

Broken with Bruno, Thiago Gagliasso reveals assets

The breakup may have even removed Thiago from his brother and sister-in-law Giovanna Ewbank’s fortune, but it wasn’t always like that. In 2005, when he was still in the early stages of his artistic career, Bruno opened a restaurant with the family name. According to Ego released in 2015, the enterprise was opened by the two brothers, in partnership with their parents. Thiago even gave an interview to the vehicle, showing the place and presenting himself as responsible for the establishment’s social networks.

“The restaurant opened in 2005 when my brother and I were starting our careers, at the time I was 14 years old. When I started to get older I became interested in working here, more than on TV itself, because my brother is completely focused on characters and doesn’t have time. My mother has always been a cook, our last name is Italian, so we combine the useful with the pleasant. We started as a pizzeria and today we are a restaurant with a full menu”, he said at the time, implying that he was one of the owners

O OnScreen conducted a survey on the pizzeria, which has been registered since 2005 and has two partners. Lúcia da Costa Gagliasso, mother of the two and Jane Cristina Oliveira Araújo, who is Bruno’s maid. On social media, the actor even celebrated her birthday. “Mother is the one who welcomes, educates, scolds. Mother strengthens, looks into the eyes, lends a hand and guides our walk. Mother is affection, good thing in the chest, hug on arrival and farewell, party and laughter. Mother only has one? None of that! Mom is too good to have just one! Jane is my mother, my second mother, amazing woman, whole, sensitive, honest and faithful. Thank you for taking care of me. Always! I love you!” , he wrote. Thiago does not appear anywhere in the record.

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