Bruno Krupp is released from hospital and taken to prison, says TV

The model Bruno Krupp, arrested after running over and killing a 16-year-old teenager in Rio de Janeiro, was taken to prison last night after being released from the hospital, according to GloboNews.

The preventive arrest warrant was served on Wednesday (3), but he had not yet been sent to the prison system because he was hospitalized.

According to the broadcaster, Bruno was taken to the Benfica prison, in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

Yesterday, the newspaper O Globo reported that the model had already been released by the hospital, but a doctor hired by the family transferred him to the ICU, further postponing the arrest. The doctor in question will be investigated for misrepresentation and procedural fraud.

The judge who signed the arrest warrant pointed out that, days before the accident, Bruno was stopped at a traffic stop and refused to take a breathalyzer test: “Being caught in the situation described above did not have any didactic effect. still lethal, ending up taking the life of a young man who was accompanied by his mother, emphasizing that Bruno is not a novice in the paths of crime”.

Last Saturday night (30), Bruno — who does not have a license — was riding a motorcycle without a license plate at 150 km/h when he ran over a teenager in Barra da Tijuca, at Posto 3.

The two were taken to the Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital. The victim, whose leg was amputated during the accident, died in the operating room. Bruno was discharged and walked out of the health unit.

Then, the model was admitted to the Marcos Morais Hospital, where he was hospitalized until yesterday.

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