Caio Castro mocks controversy over account and makes donation to project

After the controversy involving the statement about “not having to pay the bill on a date”, Caio Castro used social networks to disseminate a series of videos and images with donations of basic food baskets made by him to a social project in São Paulo.

The actor took advantage of the publication to snipe and criticize the controversy that formed around his speech. During the last few weeks, Caio ended up gaining a reputation as a ‘tight person’ on social media, and figures such as singer Jojo Todynho came to publicly criticize him.

“Today we all paid the bill! If all the controversy and lack of interpretation about opinions were like this…”, he wrote in the caption. “Thanks to every person who helped!”

Check out Caio’s post below:

During an interview with the podcast “Sua Brother”, in July, Caio Castro stated that he feels uncomfortable for “having to support” someone on a date:

“What’s the difference between paying the bill and having to pay the bill? This feeling of having to support, having to pay… I don’t have to do shit”, he declared.

After receiving criticism with the repercussion of his speech, the 33-year-old actor turned to social networks to express himself.

“Not being able to understand a speech demonstrates the presence of an error; to understand it, but misrepresent it, demonstrates the absence of honesty. Paying dinner is not supporting a person; but to say that I said such a thing is to support a lie”, he declared.

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