Celebrity accuses Simaria of falling in love with Simone’s husband

Thiago Sodré made a serious accusation about the relationship between Simone and Simaria

the relationship of Simone and Simaria is no longer the same and this is nothing new for anyone else. Some rumors point out that the duo will come to an end and it’s just a matter of time for official confirmation of the news. In fact, they would already be canceling future performances.

The reason would be a disagreement between the sisters. But, a famous journalist ended up releasing that the real reason would be another. According to Thiago Sodré, a celebrity journalist, one of the sisters fell in love with the other’s husband and the very serious accusation was made through a video.

“I can’t understand why. Why don’t people say the real reason for the fight between sisters Simone and Simaria? It’s so clear, it’s so right there in everyone’s face. I’ll sell it to you soon, since nobody wants to talk, since the press doesn’t want to say about it”, he said.

“It’s clear, it’s betrayal! Look, you can see that the sisters are not getting along and it is a love betrayal”, fired Thiago Sodré. The journalist even claimed that Simaria, after breaking up with her ex-husband Vicente Escrig, would have fallen in love with her brother-in-law, Kaká Diniz, Simone’s husband.

“Unfortunately, Simaria with Kaká Diniz, the two could not understand each other. Simone ended up getting pissed off about this whole thing. She discovered this betrayal in quotes because Simaria fell in love. She was single, alone and needy,” he shot. In addition, he reinforced that there is no other way.

Simone and Simaria are not having a good time (Image: Montage)

“They couldn’t get over it”, Simone and Simaria have a definitive end exposed by columnist

Simone Mendes and Kaká Diniz are married (Photo: Reproduction)

Simone’s husband, in the midst of the scandal with Simaria, vents and says everything in textão: “Before you realize”

Simaria, Simone and Kaka Diniz (Reproduction)

Journalist says that Simaria fell in love with Simone’s husband and exposes: “They couldn’t get over it”

“Why not say that? That the duo is over, over. They can’t get over that trauma and they haven’t been able to get over it. This duo will no longer exist. Since no one talks, I’m done! That’s the reason”, he shot, being sincere with the outcome of the relationship.

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