Common practice can lead to loss of credit card

Several reasons can make the financial institution decide to cancel your credit card. Check out what they are!

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The credit card, when properly used, can be a great ally for a healthy financial life, but there are certain situations that make the bank cancel your card. Find out more information below.

What makes a bank cancel the credit card?

There are many reasons why a credit card is canceled, but the most common is lack of use. When the customer does not use the service for at least 12 consecutive months, the bank understands that you do not need the limit that was released to you, so it cancels the card so that someone else can obtain the balance. In this way, the company manages to generate profits for the financial institution.

However, there are other reasons why the credit card is cancelled, namely: having the CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) negative, pending documentation, sending wrong documents, non-compliance with the terms of use rules.

Although this is one of the reasons for banks to cancel credit cards, there are some financial institutions that release credit to people with negative CPF. Check what they are:

  • Nubank: The purple bank usually grants credit to all its customers, however, the initial credit is usually only R$ 50.00. Nubank only does not release credit for people who already had the card, but chose to cancel;
  • Santander: Santander usually releases an SX credit card, however, it has a 12x annual fee of R$33.25;
  • C6 Bank: C6, on the other hand, usually releases the credit after a thorough analysis of the data sent by the applicant. Its differential is the Átomos points program, which rewards the customer for each purchase made by debit and credit.

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