Country singer’s wife suffers sexual crime during exam in Goiânia hospital

The digital influencer Francine Toaldo revealed last Friday (5) that he had been the victim of a sexual crime during a medical examination carried out at the emergency room of Hospital do Coração (HCOR), in Goiânia, Goiás. Through a post on Instagram, Toaldo’s adviser stated that a man, who was not from the medical team, entered the room where a gynecological exam was being carried out.

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“Last year (2021), Francine was admitted to emergency care at the Hospital Emergency Room and experienced sexual harassment during an intimate examination, with the entry of an individual who was not part of the hospital’s medical or nursing staff,” they wrote.

Francine Toaldo confirmed the crime suffered during a medical examination

Francine Toaldo confirmed the crime suffered during a medical examination (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Still in the statement, the influencer complemented by saying that a police report was carried out after the incident, as well as the lawsuit against the hospital for “lack of security and service presentation”. At the moment, the process takes place in judicial secrecy.

Since 2015, Francine Toaldo is the countryman’s wife George Henrique, Rodrigo’s duo. The couple opted for an intimate wedding in the Caribbean. Today, George and Francine are parents to Joao Henriqueof just two years, completed in June 2022.

What would have happened to Francine Toaldo?

According to information from the Metrópoles portal, Francine Toaldo he was admitted to the emergency room of HCor, in Goiânia, with his mother-in-law to perform an intimate procedure. In the office room, only the doctor and a nurse were there, until a man entered and watched the influencer.

The intruder asked the nurse several questions, who asked him to leave the room. After leaving the examination site, Francine’s mother-in-law followed the man, who got into an ambulance. One of the security guards noted the license plate of the vehicle, which allowed the identification of the boy, who is not part of the hospital’s medical team.

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