Federal Lottery Result, contest 5687, today, Saturday, August 6th

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How to play the Federal Lottery?

Each ticket contains 10 fractions and can be purchased whole or in parts. The prize amount is proportional to the number of fractions you purchase. The bettor wins by hitting:

  • One of the five numbers drawn for the main prizes;
  • The thousands, hundreds and tens of any of the numbers drawn in the five main prizes;
  • Tickets whose numbers contain the final ten identical to one of the 3 (three) previous tens or of the 3 (three) tens after the ten of the number drawn for the 1st prize, except for those awarded by the previous and posterior approximation;
  • The first prize unit.


Drawings for extractions are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with top prizes of R$500,000 in a single series. Every month, it is also possible to compete for R$ 1.350 million in the main prize, betting on Milionária Federal. In December, a special Christmas extraction takes place, with a prize of R$ 1.350 million per series.

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Where to receive the prize after the result of the Federal Lottery?

The winner can receive the Federal Lottery prize at any accredited lottery house or at Caixa Econômica Federal agencies. If the net prize exceeds BRL 1,332.78 (gross of BRL 1,903.98), payment can only be made at Caixa branches, upon presentation of original proof of identity with CPF and original winning bet receipt. Amounts equal to or above R$ 10,000 are paid within a minimum period of two days, as of the presentation at the agency.


The probability of hitting the main prizes of the Federal Lottery is linked to the number of tickets issued in each of the extractions:

  • Wednesday – 1 in 100,000
  • Saturday – 1 in 100,000
  • Federal Millionaire – 1 in 90,000
  • Christmas Special – 1 in 90,000 (per series)

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