“He said he would help and nothing”

According to Rick, Zezé helped him years after he promised

During an interview with André Piunti, Rickof the pair with Renner, told what happened with Zezé Di Camargo at the beginning of his career.

In the chat, the singer confessed that he suffered from the contempt of the brother of Luciano Camargobut years later he was instrumental in their success.

“When I met Zezé and Luciano, I stopped singing other people’s music and sang my own. He was impressed”said the famous.

Next, Rick told what Graciele Lacerda’s husband did: “He was impressed, he said he was going to help me, but after a long time nothing happened.”


However, years after Zezé Di Camargo’s ‘boycott’, the singer tried again to ask for his help.

Zeze Di Camargo and Luciano

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Zezé Di Camargo and Graciele Lacerda (Photo: Reproduction)

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Zezé Di Camargo and Graciele Lacerda (Photo: Eduardo Martins/AgNews)

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“One day I saw that he was in Goiânia, I had separated from Renner. I went to Brasília, I took the only money to go. I went to the hotel, I kept thinking that he wouldn’t even receive it, he wouldn’t even remember me”assumed Rick.

Following, the singer said that Zezé Di Camargo asked him to go up to his hotel room.


“Zilu answered the door. I played a ‘tell her’ song and he said it was beautiful. From that day on, Zezé doesn’t like me to say this, but I was in need and he said he would help me”, said Rick, who continued:

“He said he could get x from the record company and get the money up front. I said, ‘I really need the money, but I’d rather make a record.said the singer.

According to the famous, Zezé Di Camargo stated that he would give the money and help him record an album.


“He reached into his pocket, gave me money. When I came back Renner asked to come back. I said, ‘I’ll be back if I’m the first voice’”declared the singer, who continued:

“Zezé introduced us and then it happened. He passed the music on to Leandro and Leonardo and opportunities began to appear”declared Rick.

Rick exposes what Zezé Di Camargo did (Reproduction)
Rick exposes what Zezé Di Camargo did (Reproduction)

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