How to receive the retroactive PIS/Pasep?

Thousands of Brazilian workers have not yet withdrawn the amounts of the PIS/Pasep allowance for the base years 2019 and 2020.

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People who carry out remunerated activity with a formal contract may have forgotten values ​​that can already be redeemed. Thousands of Brazilian workers have not yet withdrawn the amounts of the PIS/Pasep allowance for the base years 2019 and 2020.

The amount paid to workers depends on the number of months worked. Deposits to citizens were finalized in March, but withdrawals can be made until December 29 this year.

The volume of workers who did not withdraw PIS/Pasep is not small. Data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security indicate that more than 400,000 people have not yet sought out Caixa Econômica Federal, in the case of PIS, and Banco do Brasil, linked to Pasep.

Who is entitled to the PIS/Pasep allowance?

In 2022, the workers who will be able to withdraw the PIS/Pasep salary allowance are those who fit the rules given by the government, which are:

  • Be enrolled in the Program for Social Integration and Formation of Public Servant Assets (PIS/PASEP) for at least five years;
  • Have earned an average monthly salary of up to two minimum wages during the base year;
  • Have performed remunerated activity for a Legal Entity (during at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year considered for calculation);
  • Have your data correctly informed by the employer in the Annual Report of Social Information (RAIS)/eSocial.

To consult, just access the Digital Work Card application, available for Android and iOS, log in with the account, authorize the use of personal information and click on the “Benefits” option. In addition, you can make the consultation by phone, at number 158.

How to receive the retroactive PIS/Pasep?

To withdraw forgotten amounts from PIS/Pasep, workers must make a request to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The request can be made in different ways, which are:

  • Going to one of the regional units of the Ministry of Labor;
  • Sending an e-mail to the address [email protected], It is necessary to add the acronym of the state where you live in place of “uf”;
  • By calling Alô Trabalhador, at number 158;
  • Accessing the Digital Work Portfolio application.

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Image: Brenda Rocha – Blossom /

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