IML report points to more than 30 injuries in the body of a dead Belgian

The body of Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, 52, found dead on a balcony in Ipanema, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, has more than 30 lesions spread over various parts of the body, according to a report from the IML (Instituto Médico Legal) . The information was published by the newspaper O Globo and confirmed by the UOL with delegate Camila Lourenço, from the 14th DP (Leblon).

German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn was temporarily arrested last night by the delegate on suspicion of murder. Biot and Hahn had been married for 20 years.

According to the exams carried out by the IML, Biot’s body has lesions such as bruises (purple spots), abrasions and other types of injuries, spread across regions such as arms, legs, trunk and head.

Only on his face, the document points out that the Belgian has four injuries, one of them on his lower lip. In the trunk region, there are at least six lesions. There are still ten more injuries in the region of the arms and hands. In the arms and hands, more than ten. In the legs, experts found six wounds, which were also found in the anus.

In an interview with GloboNews, Lourenço said that Biot had head trauma and that the injuries found on the body are not recent.

“The report points to several ecchymoses, including in the chest area, which would be compatible with bruising. Lesions compatible with aggression by a cylindrical instrument”, said the delegate.

To UOLthe Civil Police said yesterday that the version presented by the consul that the husband had felt sick and hit his head yesterday after a stumble is against what the conclusions of the expert report indicate.

According to police, traces of blood were found in several places in the apartment where Biot’s body was found.

The case was referred to the Leblon police station and initially investigated as a sudden illness. The police also stated that they are hearing witnesses and carrying out other steps to clarify the case.

Experts from the Carlos Éboli Criminalistics Institute went to the couple’s penthouse yesterday afternoon, where they found that a maid cleaned the blood marks on the furniture and floor of the apartment.

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