In poor health, Andressa Urach makes final decision

After health problems, Andressa Urach made a decision about what she will do in her life

in the last few months Andressa Urach has been making constant visits to the hospital, this is because the muse has part of her health weakened. During her recent pregnancy, the influencer was diagnosed with melasma and was hospitalized after suffering a spike in high blood pressure. In the last few weeks, the famous woman felt severe pain in her chest and again went to a health unit, where a battery of tests was carried out and it was found that she was under a high level of stress.

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After undergoing treatments and getting better, Andressa Urach made a final decision about her life and discovered that she would like to become a businesswoman. In a video on Instagram, the influencer appeared showing off her new venture: A barbershop. The place that was named after her, will be aimed at the male audience and will have a wing aimed at women, will have a range of services and will be carried out by employees.

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In the images shared on her official profile, Andressa Urach showed the barbershop inside and out, showing that the place is well equipped. The famous used the caption of the video to invite the public to know her space and revealed the date of the opening, which took place last Tuesday, August 2nd. The establishment’s headquarters are located in the city of Arroio do Meio, where the artist is currently residing.

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“Barbershop: @andressaurachbarbearia. Owner: @andressaurachoficial Making a dream come true! Opening tomorrow: 08/02 at 8 am Street: Dr João Carlos Machado Number: 467 Neighborhood: Downtown City: Arroio do Meio State: Rio Grande do Sul We are waiting for you!”, invited Andressa Urach.

Andressa Urach opened an establishment with her name (Photo: Reproduction)

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