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The health risks caused by smoking are already well known: cancer, chronic diseases, tuberculosis, sexual impotence, infertility and numerous respiratory infections, including pneumonia and its various complications. But when it comes to e-cigarettes, a “fad” that has spread across the world, the risks are even worse.

This is the reality of event promoter Madona Arruda. The Cuiabana revealed that she has been hospitalized for more than a week due to the use of so-called “vapers”. “I am now under observation. Bacterial pneumonia spreads very quickly in the lung. I’ve been fighting antibiotics for seven days, I should probably be discharged tomorrow”he comments, in the midst of an intense cough.

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“I already have a problem with the sequelae of the covid and the electronic cigarette got worse, but I already know the bad, all the time the doctor comes here to say that Mato Grosso has a lot of people in the ICU because of this”exposes.

Hospitalized for more than a week in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), Madonna was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia, an acute respiratory disease that causes inflammation in the lungs and bronchi, usually caused by microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. However, there are cases like that of Madonna, where it can be caused by inhaling toxic products. If untreated, the bacterial pneumonia may progress to a generalized infection, which may result in death.

In video sent to MT reporterMadona warns, especially young people, about the seriousness of the case, resulting from the use of electronic cigarettes. “Today I have been hospitalized for a week and the first day I had no fever was yesterday. We end up getting these ‘fads’ there. And here in Cuiabá there are several young people hospitalized, outside of here too. It is a fad that can bring great harm”.

The electronic cigarette (‘vaper’ – abbreviation for “vaporizer”), very popular among young people, differs from the common cigarette, but both are based on nicotine, a substance responsible for causing the sensation of pleasure, which ends up resulting in dependence. The difference lies in the amount of nicotine contained in each of the two forms.

In an interview with MT reporter, pulmonologist Dr. Clóvis Botelho, who is also a professor at UFMT, explained this difference. “In terms of addiction, the electronic cigarette is much more dangerous than the regular cigarette, because the person is inhaling practically pure nicotine and the amount of nicotine in each tube can be from 10mg to 20mg, generally. But, in some cases, it can reach 40mg. Already the common cigarette normally has around one milligram. That is, the person ends up inhaling much more nicotine through electronic cigarettes than through regular cigarettes”.

According to Clovis, the number of smokers in Brazil was around 40%, but this rate has dropped to 10%, on average, in recent years. However, the use of electronic cigarettes has changed this reality. Initially sold as a tool to help people quit smoking, the electronic cigarette gained popularity among young people, who were fascinated by the object that was a symbol of modernity.

“People saw it as a beautiful, modern product, full of novelties and that pleased, especially young people, who saw in those instruments something like a state-of-the-art cell phone. Having a state-of-the-art e-cigarette has become an extra point for young people.”comments Botelho and warns that this public is the most affected, because electronic cigarettes become a gateway to smoking.

“The electronic cigarette was sold as a not very aggressive cigarette, which did less harm than the traditional one, but it is not quite like that. This was a conjuring tale, because it is actually a big risk, we are now seeing an epidemic, especially in young people who bought this idea and started thinking about something and today they are seeing the danger and end up becoming dependent on nicotine”.

Also according to the doctor, anyone who thinks that only young people are being affected by the use of ‘vapers’ is wrong. “Older supporters also suffer, because those who tried to quit smoking tried to use electronic cigarettes and ended up becoming dependent. It really happens. Scientifically speaking, e-cigarettes are not intended to stop smoking, on the contrary, we have a large number of people who ended up either returning to traditional cigarettes or became dependent on e-cigarettes”.

Substances such as sugars, dyes and flavoring agents, used to improve the smell and taste of nicotine, when in contact with the respiratory mucosa, can cause severe aggression. In addition, there are also stabilizers and chemicals that have unknown long-term effects. “What we know in advance is that the diseases caused by classic smoking are also happening in electronic smoking, and with less time. There are heart attacks, cancers, all the recurring diseases of cigarettes are arriving earlier in those who use e-cigarettes”alert.

See Madonna’s statement and warning:

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