Janones’ live in support of Lula breaks personal record on the networks

The withdrawal of the candidacy of André Janones (Avante-MG) for the presidency to support former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) on Thursday, 4th, generated the publication with the highest number of comments on the federal deputy’s networks in 2022. The live recorded next to PT attracted comments from Bolsonaristas, Lulas and people who expressed that they will continue to support or are disappointed with the parliamentarian. There were more than 130,000 comments on Facebook in less than 24 hours – 67% more than the post in the second position.

On Twitter, the repercussion was dominated by Bolsonaristas, who rescued videos of Janones attacking Lula. The report collected public posts through the Torabit platform. A leader in the networks, only one publication by President Jair Bolsonaro – when he was hospitalized in early January – surpassed the post in the comment metric in 2022. Approximately 287,000 responses were recorded about the Chief Executive’s content.

In circles closer to Lula’s supporters on the networks, on the other hand, the announcement had little effect. In the Lulaverso WhatsApp groups – run by the ex-president’s team to speak to the younger electorate – for example, there was no mention of Janones.

In addition to adding TV time, the Minas Gerais deputy is an efficient electoral cable on social networks for Lula. Janones made a live on his Facebook before calling journalists to announce the partnership with PT. He has grown the number of followers on the platform by about 1000% in two years and has almost 8 million people who follow him.

There, he broke the world record for simultaneous views in a live As of August 2020 – the sum of engagement (metric for the sum of comments, shares and reactions) was around 3.6 million.

Janones’ main publications touch on the topic of Emergency Aid. Its ten publications that generated the most engagement, together, total approximately 27 million impressions.

To receive the support, Lula promised a new Bolsa Família worth R$600, if he is elected for a new term in October.

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