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Editing: Lula and Bolsonaro
Former President Lula has spent more time on TV and Radio. President Jair Bolsonaro has the second largest (photo: Ricardo Stukert/PT; Alan Santos/PR)

Former President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva (PT) won the largest party bloc to compete for the Planalto Palace. President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the re-election candidate, has the second largest composition. The number of parties in the coalition is important because through it the advertising time and electoral fund are translated. In addition, the coalition also ensures capillarity in the search for votes.

With the definition of the slates and coalitions that will compete in the race for the Planalto Palace this year, it is now possible to estimate the TV radio time that each candidate will have to air their proposals.

By law, the division of advertising time is defined in proportion to the weight of the parties that form the coalitions. The weight of each legend is measured by the size of these parties’ benches in the Chamber. That is, the larger the bench, the greater the weight.

The fixed blocks of electoral propaganda begin to be shown on August 26th. Each block will have a total of 12 minutes and 30 seconds of advertising.

Lula has the support of PSB, Solidariedade, PSOL, Rede, Avante, Agir, PROS, PCdoB and PV. These parties elected 140 federal deputies, 13 senators and eight governors in 2018.

J Jair Bolsonaro, has the second largest group. In addition to the PL, the Progressives and Republicans will also support the re-election bid. In 2018, the parties elected 101 federal deputies, seven senators and one governor.

In addition to the blocks, candidates can also make 30-second entries of the parties that are broadcast throughout the general program. According to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the number of entries also varies according to the size of each coalition.

With that, Lula must have an average of 7.5 insertions and Bolsonaro 6 daily insertions. The numbers are a projection based on the criteria adopted by the TSE. The disclosure of the time division will be made officially by the Electoral Court on August 12th.

Other names in the race

Editing: Tebet, Soraya and Ciro
Tebet has the third longest time, followed by Soraya and Ciro (photo: Publication; Agência Senado; Publication)

Planalto candidate Simone Tebet (MDB) has the third longest time. It has the support of three parties: MDB, PSDB and Podemos e Cidadania. Together, these parties elected 82 federal deputies, six governors and 11 senators in 2018.

Senator Soraya Thronicke (Unio Brasil) and Senator Ciro Gomes (PDT) rely only on the support of their own party.

Unio Brasil, a party that emerged after the merger between PSL and DEM, elected 81 federal deputies, five governors and eight senators in 2018. The PDT elected 28 federal deputies, two senators and one governor in 2018.

Check each candidate’s time

  • Luiz Incio Lula da Silva – PT, PCDOB, PV, SOLIDARITY, PSB, REDE, PSOL, AVANTE AND PROS – 3 min and 16s
  • Jair Bolsonaro – PL, PROGRESSISTS AND REPUBLICANS – 2 min and 40s
  • Simone Tebet – MDB, PSDB, PODEMOS AND CITIZENSHIP – 2 min and 16s
  • Soraya Thronicke – UNIO BRASIL – 2 min and 7s
  • Ciro Gomes – PDT – 50s
  • Roberto Jefferson – PTB – 20s
  • Felipe D’Avila – NEW – 19s
  • Eymael – CHRIST DEMOCRACY – 8.3s
  • See Lcia – PSTU- 6.8s
  • Sofia Manzano – PCB –6.8s
  • Leonardo Pricles – 6.8s

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