more than 300 thousand people receive R$ 2,000 in a few days

The truth is that all the people who use their vehicles for work are being harmed for years, especially in the last two. The rampant increase in fuel in the country has made everything that needs to be transported more expensive, so there are those who suffer without even having a car at home.

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And if the big companies have felt this in their skin, what can we say about people who work with transport autonomously? This is the case of millions of Brazilians who were complaining a lot, but without success, since the fuel kept rising.

We have already seen truck drivers stop in Brazil more than once in search of an answer to their questions, which in itself only added to the chaos. After a new threat, action was taken.

And don’t you think that just the truckers who were reporting how bad the situation was, because all the people who worked with transport – like taxi drivers and app drivers – also saw profit decrease as it became more expensive to pay for fuel. .

The good side of this whole story is that both classes can smile again, as these drivers now have their own benefit, since the proposed aid was approved in the benefits PEC.

Of course it wasn’t just that! The Tax on Operations relating to the Circulation of Goods and Provision of Transport Services (ICMS) helped to give an extra breath to the amount charged by the fuelbut it is a fact that the new so-called benefit will also be fundamental for these people to be able to bring their bills up to date.

Well Taxi driver will be a thousand reais

The payment of the BEm Taxi driver will be made monthly in the amount of one thousand reais, but things will be a little different this August. What happens is that the government had the objective of starting to pay the benefits in July, but due to the delay in the approval of the PEC, this ended up being left for August.

In order not to harm truck drivers and taxi drivers, an extra share of the benefit will be paid.

This extra quota will be paid in August, with the extra money being classified as a quota for the month of July.

Thus, in August alone, taxi drivers will receive two benefits totaling R$ 2,000.

The same applies to all truck drivers, as they will receive the BEM Caminhoneiro in the same way. What changed were the datessince the autonomous cargo carriers will already get their hands on the benefit on the 9th.

Unfortunately taxi drivers will still have to wait until the 16th to receive. In any case, they will also be able to withdraw the amounts on the 30th, if they are late for any reason.

It is worth remembering that app drivers are not entitled to money. The government ended up leaving the class out due to logistical problems in listing professionals and recognizing them as workers in the area.

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