New minimum amount of R$ 303 from Caixa promises to help several Brazilians

The financial situation in which the country finds itself at this very moment is very negative. The purchasing power of the worker is very compromised because of inflation, which makes people have problems keeping their bills up to date and buying the basics.

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In addition, those individuals with projects to try to change their lives ended up needing to put their plans aside, given that they needed to investment which has become unfeasible to achieve since 2020.

When the situation gets to that point, what citizens tend to do is apply for a loan. In the current financial context in Brazil, it is increasingly difficult to obtain good credit in the market.

People are always looking for the option with the lowest possible interest, but with the high number of defaulters in our country, the interest rate ends up getting higher, as institutions that release credit are trusting people less and less.

What has given people some hope is the fact that payments may now end up getting a little more flexible thanks to a new law that is about to go into effect.

It turns out that the Consumer Defense Code will undergo an important change because of a project that was sanctioned last year. The law in question now bears the name of Over-indebtedness.

This law establishes the “existential minimum”, which aims to to determine a minimum amount necessary for people to survive. This means that if the company that needs to receive an amount referring to a customer debt, it will face a limit.

This minimum has the value of R$ 303, which is the same as 25% of the minimum wage that is paid today. This number, of course, will be readjusted annually along with the actual salary value.

In addition, this law also provides an opening for the individual and the company to sit down to talk and reach an agreement that works for both sides. The decision has already been officially taken by the Federal Government. It has even been duly published in the Official Gazette of the Union. Therefore, it has 60 days to go into effect.

Remember that Brazil is currently going through one of the worst moments in its history when it comes to negative people. There are more than 66 million Brazilians passing through this problem at that exact moment.

And it is because of this that the Federal Government has been working to create measures that allow people to renegotiate their debts in a more humane and more accessible way, since it is already known – through research – that indebted people really want to pay. your accounts.

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