Number of monkeypox cases rises almost 50% in one week in Brazil and reaches 1,860 – News

Figures released by the Ministry of Health this Friday (5th) show that Brazil has 1,860 confirmed cases of monkey pox (monkeypox)an increase of 48% from the number recorded a week ago.

The state of São Paulo has the most cases (1,404), followed by Rio de Janeiro (200) and Minas Gerais (75).

Other Federation Units that have registered patients infected with the monkeypox virus are:

• Federal District: 37.
• Goiás: 38.
• Paraná: 36.
• Rio Grande do Sul: 18.
• Bahia: 12.
• Pernambuco: 7.
• Santa Catarina: 7.
• Mato Grosso do Sul: 5.
• Rio Grande do Norte: 4.
• Ceará: 4.
• Amazon: 3.
• Holy Spirit: 2.
• Tocantins: 1.
• Acre: 1.
• Para: 1.

A monitoring by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) of the United States reveals that the number of confirmed cases already reaches 26,864 in 88 countries.

Of this total, 26,519 occurred in 81 countries where monkeypox is not endemic.

The United States is the country with the highest number of cases (7,101). Then come Spain (4,577), Germany (2,839), the United Kingdom (2,759) and France (2,239).

Last week, after the first monkeypox death in the countrythe Ministry of Health activated the COE (Emergency Operations Center) to monitor the monkeypox outbreak in Brazil.

The government announced the purchase of 50,000 doses of vaccinewhich will be aimed at people who have had contact with confirmed cases and front-line and laboratory healthcare workers.

O Minister Marcelo Queiroga added that the country will also buy doses of tecovirimat antiviralwhich can be used in individuals at risk of developing severe disease.

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