Persecution! Gabi Martins recalls the fright with an admirer and vents: “I had to go to the police”

In an interview with the channelout of the box‘, from the UOL portal, the ex-BBB Gabi Martins made an outburst beyond unusual about an admirer who started to pursue her, after her success at BBB 20. At the time, the man who was married, came to present her with a baby bottle.

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It all started when her song, “Neném”, went viral on social media and the person involved began to imitate a baby to win her over: “I was scared. He used to say like a baby: ‘I’m going to pat your little ass’. This guy started following me places, I had to go to the police. I found out he was 33 years old, married and spoke like a baby,” she said.

Then, Gabi also revealed that since she ended her affair with model Gui Napolitano, which began within the reality show, she received numerous requests from a fan for the return of the novel: “She left Brasília and, out of nowhere, appeared in my House. She said that she was still a fan of my old ‘ship’ on ‘Big Brother’ and that she wanted me to get back together with him, that he was the love of my life. She said: ‘I’ve been married for 10 years, but I don’t love my husband. When I was 20 I met the man of my life and I lost him, today I’m with my husband,’” she said.

Gabi Martins reveals why she gained 10kg at BBB 20

Also during the chat, countrywoman Gabi Martins told the reason why she gained 10kg during her participation in the global reality show.

At the time, the famous admitted that she preferred to eat, instead of participating so actively in the game, and ended up getting distracted by the goodies.

“I had a regular, healthy diet. At xepa, I was crazy about powdered milk, you’ll see several scenes of me with powdered milk all over my face. I didn’t want to play, so I preferred to eat. I gained 10 kilos just eating at parties, drinking. There was rapadura, pé de moleque, there were gizzards, oxtails, tongue, sardines… ”, she said.

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