See the full schedule of Truck Driver and Taxi Assistance

Caixa Econômica Federal released this Friday (5) the payment schedule for the Truck Driver Assistance. The first deposit will be made next Tuesday (9) in the amount of R$ 2,000, referring to the July and August installments.

According to Caixa, the aid will be credited directly to the digital social savings account, automatically opened on behalf of the beneficiaries. The resource can be accessed and moved by the beneficiary through the Caixa Tem app.

Despite having been created to ease fuel costs, an ordinance published by the federal government, on Tuesday (2), defined that the professional will not need to prove whether the benefit was used in the purchase of diesel oil.

The estimate by ANTT (National Land Transport Agency), the body responsible for registering professionals, is that more than 870,000 registered professionals will benefit from the program, which provides for the transfer of six installments until December this year.

The aid for truck drivers was released after approval of a PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) that authorizes spending above the ceiling on the eve of elections. In total, the approved package has the estimated cost by R$ 41.25 billion.

In addition to truck drivers, the measure also benefits taxi drivers and expands Auxílio Brasil from R$400 to R$600 by the end of the year and the doubling of Auxílio Gás, which will be R$110 in August.

According to the government, the amounts not moved within 90 days, counted from the deposit date, will return to the Union.

The Auxílio Caminhoneiro is not cumulative with the Auxílio Taxista and a benefit will be paid per CPF, regardless of whether the beneficiary has more than one registered vehicle.

Taxi drivers begin to receive payments on the 16th. The first batch of Taxi Assistance can be paid to up to 301 thousand drivers registered with the MTP (Ministry of Labor and Social Security). The benefit, which can reach installments of up to R$1,000, will begin to be paid on August 16th.

The MTP reported that 3,119 municipalities submitted worker documentation. See the list of cities that registered drivers.

According to the folder, the system was closed for Dataprev to analyze and cross-reference the data. Starting this Friday (5), municipalities will be able to re-register drivers.

Taxi drivers who are registered in the second stage and are eligible for the Taxi Benefit will also receive the two installments (for the months of July and August), but payment will be made on August 30th.

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