sign of being idle or mental health care?

You know that well-known phrase in the world of coaches, “work while they sleep”? Some people take it as an exclusive life lesson, going to great lengths to show a certain productivity and professional competence.

However, research shows that doing absolutely nothing can be beneficial for the mental health, in addition to being rejuvenating. Read this article and understand more about this new study.

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Prejudice against “doing nothing”

Spending many years of life working to achieve a precious retirement is the dream of many people. Some, however, wonder what they will do after these long years of toil.

There are those who choose to set up their own business and continue working, but others simply prefer to rest. However, the prejudice created between the idea of ​​’doing nothing’ sometimes ends up making people inhibited, terrified and intolerable.

As they were active people, indulging in a life of contemplation may not be so well regarded. Recent research, however, has shown that doing nothing at some point in life does not reflect incapacity or laziness, but can do a lot of good for human mental health. In addition, people should set aside 30 minutes a day to practice doing nothing.

Why not do anything?

One of the main ailments that affect people today is anxiety. It boils down to an emotion related to fear, which has some predictable effects on our physiology. For example, when you are worried, anxiety tends to form thoughts that make your heart race.

Thus, having a practice of disconnecting from everything and doing absolutely nothing can be beneficial, as it directly influences the control of anxiety and nervousness that interfere with your daily life.

You can choose thirty minutes a day to do this. Choose a quiet place in your home – whether it’s enjoying the view from the window, the comfortable sofa or the garden – and enjoy the moment. Try to focus on your breathing and your heartbeat. If you want, you can even put on some quiet music to relax.

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