Son of Zé Lucas and Érica dies unexpectedly, she hides the loss and deceives the pawn: “political interests”

Zé Lucas and Érica in the soap opera Pantanal
Zé Lucas and Érica in Pantanal, Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera (Photo: Reproduction)

In wetlandGlobo’s 9pm soap opera, Ze Lucas (Irandhir Santos) will not get to see your child with Erica (Marcela Fetter) born. That’s because the journalist will end up suffering a miscarriage, losing the baby unexpectedly. She, however, will hide the loss of her father and will proceed to deceive him into marrying him.

Zé Lucas accepted to marry Érica after discovering that she was pregnant with him. In fact, the journalist’s father practically forced him to exchange alliances with his daughter, seeking political benefits. However, as we informed you, the baby will die before it is born, and Erica will not reveal this to her future husband. At the opportunity, she will be convinced by her parents to keep quiet.

After lying to Zé Lucas, Érica will feel sorry for Ingrid (Gisela Reimann), her mother. “I don’t know where I was thinking when I listened to you! I lied to the only person who was honest with me“, she will say, in tears. “You didn’t lie, Erica. you omitted“, will counter his mother. “No, I lied. I made up a story, without reason, to hide from him that our
son died.
“, the blonde rages.

Then the mother will remember that she omitted her son’s death to save her marriage. “Save that marriage, mother? A wedding made in a hurry… Thought out, as always, to serve my father’s political interests?“, will ask the young woman, who will end up being manipulated by her mother again and will keep her mouth shut.

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It is worth noting that wetland it’s a novel of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, aired – originally – in 1990, on the extinct Rede Manchete. This year, the plot is being adapted by Bruno Luperi and aired on TV Globo.

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