Thaila Ayala narrates abortion of her first child and moves

This morning, Thaila Ayala, 36, moved her fans by sharing an audio she sent to Julia Faria, 36, when she was hospitalized to remove the dead fetus from her first pregnancy. The incident took place on February 2, 2021.

“Just passing by to let you know that I’m here in the perinatal period. No, it’s not to give birth to a child. It wasn’t this time. I hadn’t said anything before because you know me, when the bug really catches, I go inside the shell, I prefer going through things alone. Anyway, I lost the baby”, begins the actress in the audio, shaken.

She also talked about the pain and suffering of this process: “I went through the worst hell in my life. We thought it was going to come out normal, and then it didn’t. I passed out from the pain twice, I threw up in pain who knows how many millions of times. Nobody tells you the pain of expelling… I mean, I thought I was expelling a mini fetus. It seemed like he was right in the canal, like pulling everything up, anyway, it was a lot of pain, a lot of pain. Sudden death like that. Then who told me that the pain of having an abortion like this is like the pain of childbirth. How ungrateful, right? You have the pain of childbirth only losing a baby. How much suffering, for God’s sake”.

Between tears, Thaila explained that this happened because her baby was in the tubes: “My baby was in the tubes. Then, instead of going down, he went up to the abdomen. So I had these fainting, these vomiting, it was both from the abortion and from this process of the baby in the abdomen. Like, it’s floating there, in liters of blood, dirty blood, which is with my organs. So I’m here in the hospital, I’m going to have a general anesthesia, go into the operating room to take the dead baby out, in the case my son”.

“The worst thing is that I still have to hear from the doctor that maybe I have to remove both tubes, which they would test there right away. Then, anyway, just to let you know that I’m here and that’s it, everything will be fine” , ends the audio.

In the same year, Thaila became pregnant again and in December, Francisco was born, son of the actress with Renato Góes, 35.

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