The Differences Between Lucifer From The Sandman And The Series With Tom Ellis

[Spoilers da primeira temporada de Sandman à frente]

After 34 years of waiting, fans of sandman will finally be able to see an adaptation in live action from the classic of Neil Gaiman. Although it is the first time that the story will be taken to TV, the series, which reached Netflix this Friday (5th), will mark the second appearance of the DC/Vertigo of Lucifer Estrela da Manhã, with the first, of course, being the one experienced by Tom Ellis over the six seasons of Lucifer. It turns out that while they are technically the same character, the Cramunhão de Gwendoline Christie will be very different from the one seen in the production that ended in 2021. That’s because the series originally broadcast by Fox he ignored, for various reasons, the universe created by Gaiman and had to adapt his Capiroto to the absence of Dream, Death and all the entities and plots that accompany them.

For starters, when we meet Ellis’ Lucifer, he is already well established on Earth, having left Hell after becoming frustrated with the universal plan of his Father, God. Unlike what was shown in the comics of sandman, this version of the Seven-Skins does not empty the underworld before leaving his post. Instead, he simply abandons demons and wretched souls to their fate, surfacing without giving his subjects any satisfaction.

One of the big changes made in Lucifer it is in how the Frosty Synthetic decides to live with mortals. who has read sandman knows that the entire story of Lucifer on Earth begins after a tense encounter with the Dream of the Endless that changes his view of the universe. In the comics, by the way, it’s Morpheus who clips Cascudo’s wings before he leaves Hell. In the series starring Ellis, however, this confrontation never takes place, with the Devil deciding to abandon his post out of boredom and rebellion and leaving the job of clipping his wings to Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt).

Along Lucifer, it is also revealed that the Capeta was never the evil and vengeful figure preached in holy scripture over the centuries. While still manipulative like the original comic book version, Ellis’ character is more understanding than expected and views humans with a certain fascination, intrigued by the way his Father treated them. This curiosity for humanity leads him to bond emotionally with some of the people he knows on Earth, including a young girl whose murder leads him to meet Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), with whom he eventually falls in love.

Already in sandman, we see Lucifer before relinquishing his throne. Following Gaiman’s comic almost exactly, this version is less sensitive than Ellis’s, although just as manipulative. He even comes up with a plan to arrest Sonho (Tom Sturridge) into his realm after a tense battle, but Endless manages to escape without much trouble, which infuriates the Lord of Hell.

Here, you can see that Lucifer is not yet bored with his divine mission. Quite the contrary, the Child’s Backpack seems to revel in its power and uses its control over cursed souls as a way to intimidate Morpheus. At the end of the first year, he still shows a far more ambitious facet than the Ellis version as he plans, alongside other lords of Hell, invasions of the Dreaming, Earth and, eventually, Paradise, in an imperialist move that can transform the whole universe in one big hell.

Of course, if he continues to follow the comics so closely, Tinhoso de sandman will look a little more like Lucifer. But that can only be checked when (and if!) Netflix renews the new series.

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