Those who have Covid sequelae can retire through the INSS; understand how

We know that the Covid-19 was one of the biggest problems that humanity has faced in recent decades. In fact, it may have been the biggest challenge today’s generation has ever faced. The number of people who have been infected is gigantic, but fortunately the number who have recovered is also quite high.

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Much of this is due to mass vaccination. But curing a disease doesn’t mean getting rid of all the harm it may have done to your body, right? Unfortunately the virus left sequels In so many cases.

Some of them are even very severe, especially those involving the lung. What a lot of people don’t know is that – because of their seriousness – some people are entitled to receive some social security benefits that are linked to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS).

The rules, of course, apply to everyone who is insured and who is normally contributing to Social Security, even if they haven’t contributed for a long time.

In total, there are four benefits that serve citizens with problems created by COVID-19: temporary disability assistance; retirement due to permanent disability; sickness benefit and death benefit.

For those who don’t remember, disability assistance temporary already existed and was called simply sick pay. It aimed to help policyholders who, once proven by the expertise, were unable to work, either due to illness or an accident.

In this case, people with health problems due to the virus are included in this list, since it has been proven that it can leave the lungs and even other organs weakened even after it disappears from the system.

In this way, if it is proven that these problems prevent the individual from performing this function, he will have the right to stay away from work and be paid for it.

The same logic also applies to the other benefits mentioned. If the expert finds that the damage caused by COVID-19 cannot be reversed, the person can be permanently away.

In this case, it is still possible for the INSS to ask from time to time for a reassessment so that everyone knows whether or not there has been an improvement in the subject’s situation to the point that he is free to go back to work. When this happens, the benefit is suspended.

Sick pay and death benefit also follow a very basic and similar path. There is no change in their rules regarding the virus as it fits the rules just like any other evil.

Therefore, if the person thinks they are entitled to any of these benefits, all they have to do is contact the INSS to schedule an examination.

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