Add these 2 spices to breakfast to speed up metabolism

Losing weight is not an easy job for anyone. As much as some people say that all you have to do is “shut your mouth and exercise”, any health professional will point out that it’s not that simple. Diet and exercise are the foundation of any weight loss routine, but there are many other factors involved.

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Mostly biological. We know that, for example, there will always be a group of people who have a difficulty natural weight loss, especially those with slow metabolism problems.

People with accelerated metabolism tend to lose weight very quickly, but those in this group will suffer from the opposite. Basically, the metabolism being accelerated is not really a genetic issue, but the fact is that we can help a little by watering our food, in addition to consuming products that help with this.

There is some discussion about which foods can help with this, but basically there is a consensus on two ingredients: cinnamon and turmeric.

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Speaking then first of a condiment that is well known by Brazilians. Many people already consume a lot of cinnamon, even without recommendation, because it can be useful in several recipes.

There are even people who use it to replace sugar in some preparations, such as coffee. There are people who can’t drink their coffee straight and need an extra flavor.

In this case, the mug can be really great, as it will have a very nice effect on black coffee. Best of all is that in addition to the ingredient speed up your metabolism, it can even keep you from eating too much sugar.

Black coffee on its own also has some benefits for the body if consumed in the right amount. It is no wonder that this duet with cinnamon is more than accepted. This, of course, without forgetting that cinnamon alone can have anti-inflammatory effects on the body.


You may know this ingredient as turmeric, but whatever its name, the effect is what matters most. Like the aforementioned cinnamon, turmeric has a very useful anti-inflammatory power in our health.

It is on the list because it has the ability to speed up our metabolism. This is very important, but know that it can also help in other ways.

your power antioxidant It’s very good for the body and helps even more with weight loss, so it can be a good substitute for some other not-so-health-friendly ingredients.

Sugar is one of them. It is no wonder that black coffee can again be a good companion for this type of ingredient. And detail: nothing prevents you from using cinnamon and turmeric together to make the drink delicious and healthy.

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