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The importance of having a mobile internet with good connectivity goes beyond the use of communication resources. Accessing services and applications quickly is essential to facilitate routine activities. In a report developed and published by OpenSignal, an evaluation was carried out among operators operating in the Brazilian market, comparing quality.

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In order to collect performance data, 15 categories related to the service were analyzed. 5G technology was also present as a separate factor, given recent initiatives in the country.

Based on customer experience regarding some features such as calling, searching, gaming, voice, browsing and downloading, information has been collected and interpreted.

The best company in Brazil in the field of mobile internet continues to be Claro

Claro won taking into account 13 factors and some awards granted for its work with the 5th generation of internet. In second place was Tim, which stands out for its availability and consistency.

Vivo barely scored, leaving something to be desired in several ways, when compared to competitors that are rapidly advancing in mobile technologies.

Despite this, it is important to note that the survey reveals a comparison and does not separately assess the performance of brands. Some people still criticize Claro, despite being the leader in this segment.

The provision of mobile networks in several regions has not yet reached the international level, which in a way impairs the accessibility of the population.

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