Beyond the Illusion: Úrsula makes an unusual request and surprises Eugênio: “It’s not his fault”


Villain will be worried about the future, after being unmasked in front of everyone

Photos: Reproduction / Rede Globo
Photos: Reproduction / Rede Globo

“Beyond Illusion” is in its final stretch, and many emotions promise to shake the plot. In the final chapters, Úrsula (Bárbara Paz) will be unmasked in front of everyone, having her crimes revealed. With the guilt of the murder of Abel (Adriano Patermann), the villain makes an unusual request for Eugênio (Marcello Novaes).

Margô (Marisa Orth) will deliver all of Ursula’s crimes. The star will deliver that Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) was stolen as a baby and suspects that the villain did the same to Heloísa’s son (Paloma Duarte). Suffering from her son’s contempt, she asks Eugênio not to leave Joaquim helpless.

As soon as Eugênio is arriving with the police, Joaquim is shocked by his mother’s attitude and rebels against Úrsula. The villain explains that she raised her son with a lot of love and that she tried to give him a promising future. However, Isadora’s husband (Larissa Manoela) will not be convinced.

When he is in front of the police chief, Joaquim will denounce his mother for the murder of Abel and will reveal that he helped to hide the body. The two will be arrested, but the sentence of Dorinha’s husband will be less. Seeing Eugênio, the villain asks for help. “Eugênio! Eugênio! I know I have no right to ask you for anything, but out of charity, take care of Joaquim. It’s not his mother’s fault”asks.

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