Bolsonaro’s Brazil has become the wild west and there is nothing accidental about it – 07/08/2022

We woke up to the news of the armed murder of a man inside an upper-middle class club in São Paulo.

It was a musical show on a Saturday night, nothing more.

But there was a well-armed citizen in the audience and he decided he wouldn’t take it home – like any respectable male, by the way. Taking shit home is a sissy thing.

Then, according to witnesses, after having a falling out with another man, going out with a fist and being immobilized, the good citizen pulled out his gun and shot to kill.

The victim was a jiu jitsu world champion; the killer was a plainclothes policeman. It ended in tragedy.

There will be others because the possession of weapons, shooting clubs, the virility of the respectful male who only put up with women for sexual purposes, the immense freedom to silence those who bother you even if it’s bullet.

Jair Bolsonaro’s public life is based on this pillar of masculinity.

Before, he spoke his atrocities from a small, delinquent cabinet as a federal deputy and was mocked by colleagues. So there was little noise.

But the renegade Jair would turn this game around, glue his image to that of an icon of liberalism and thus would be elected president of the country, silencing those who excluded him from the political scene and considered him a card out of the deck.

At the highest post of the civil service, Bolsonaro was coherent, followed his values, armed the civilian population and authorized the police to act in defense of what they think this freedom is.

The point is that each one has a very particular idea of ​​what freedom is and, moved by it, they now feel entitled to apply it.

Across the country, the number of armed civilians is greater than the number of members of the Armed Forces, Army and Air Force.

According to data from the Instituto Eu Sou da Paz, the proportion is approximately 600,000 armed people and 350,000 military personnel.

So we have about a million people walking around with guns.

This is in official numbers, which indicates that the contingent of brave people and defenders of this sick idea of ​​freedom is much larger.

They are armed in bars, cinemas, restaurants, parks, concerts, churches, clubs, hospitals, schools.

They don’t leave the house without a gun on their hips because they believe that freedom is having the right to parade around with their pistols and their ideas of masculinity and bravery.

We are in the Wild West of Hollywood movies.

And, just like in the cowboy versus Indian movies, they’re trying to make us cheer for the cowboy without telling us we’re the Indians.

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