Can I withdraw FGTS from an account that has been inactive for more than 3 years?

Are you unemployed? Understand if it is possible to withdraw the FGTS even with the account inactive for at least 3 years!

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The withdrawal of the FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) is only released to the worker in certain cases, but the withdrawal of the amount is still allowed if the account has been inactive for more than 3 years. Check out, in this post, the answer to this question!

When is FGTS withdrawal allowed?

The FGTS consists of the deposit of 8% of the value of the salary of the worker, who has an active employment contract in accordance with the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). Thus, the withdrawal of the same is allowed to the citizen under certain circumstances, namely: retirement, dismissal without just cause, acquisition of the first property or serious illness.

What is an inactive account?

A FGTS account becomes inactive from the moment the worker no longer receives the 8% monthly, either because of being fired or having resigned. However, the accumulated values ​​continue to earn interest and are subject to monetary correction.

Yes, FGTS withdrawal is allowed to workers with an inactive account for three years, just activate the “Withdrawal for Inactivity in the FGTS regime” mode and choose whether to receive the amount in a bank account or withdraw it in person.

Workers with an inactive account for less than three years can withdraw under the following conditions:

  • Serious diseases;
  • Dismissal without just cause;
  • Retirement;
  • Acquisition of own house;
  • Payment of debts;
  • Termination by mutual agreement between worker and employer;
  • When the company closes its activities;
  • Termination of contract for reasons of force majeure;
  • In case of suspension of more than 90 days, exclusive to workers of a class entity;
  • Death of the worker;
  • Emergency situations or state of public calamity;
  • Birthday withdrawal.

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