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Learn how to stay focused on your training routine (Photo: Getty Images)

Learn how to stay focused on your training routine (Photo: Getty Images)

Exercising has numerous benefits and is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. In some cases, practice becomes essential, as in the process of losing weight or improving mental health. However, staying focused and making practice a habit can be quite difficult.

Cássio Fidlay, personal trainer for celebrities like Carla Diaz, Felipe Becari and Marcella Tranchesi, lists four tips for those who want to keep their focus on training.

1. Commit to your goal

The truth is that there is no magic formula to get out of inertia and start exercising. And waiting to start when we’re inspired can be a trap. It won’t be the motivation that will lead you to a constant exercise routine, but the discipline.

“You have to force yourself to go training. Unfortunately, in the beginning, it takes more willpower than usual”, explains Cássio.

2. Establish a time to train

View training as a commitment to yourself and make space in your schedule to dedicate yourself to exercise. In addition to serving to create a routine in everyday life, establishing training schedules prevent you from putting other activities in these moments.

“The ideal is to establish a certain time in the agenda, so as not to put other commitments in place, and end up not having time to train”, advises the personal trainer.

3. Take care of food

Maintaining a balanced and adequate diet for your day to day, considering what you are already used to eating, can help your body to have more energy to face the exercise routine. “The body will deflate and give greater gas in training”, adds Cássio.

Before going on a diet or taking supplements, consult a doctor or nutritionist to understand what your body’s needs are.

4. Set achievable short-term goals

You, me, everyone else has done this: we promise that we go to the gym every day, and when we realize it, we go weeks without even going anywhere near it. Therefore, it is important to set smaller, realistic and achievable goals to stay motivated.

“By setting an achievable goal, you have a short-term result, giving you the feeling of accomplishment and motivating you to continue training with a healthy life”, explains the personal trainer.

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