Diesel scooter! Indian can do 80 km per liter on the bike

A stylish scooter capable of covering 80 km with just 1 liter, this was the feat an Indian achieved. The adaptation took place in a 1996 Bajaj Chetak, in India, which started to be powered by diesel. In addition, the engine of the model that closely resembles a Vespa has been upgraded and produces up to 400 cc.

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The machine that drives the scooter forward was taken from a lawn mower and replaced the original 150cc engine. The owner of the super economical diesel-powered skinny is called Sahib. He said he got his father’s motorcycle as a wedding gift. The speech is on the Cartoq website. In a video, Sahib claims that the scooter can do 80 km on just one liter of diesel.

Super economical scooter engine costs around R$ 2.3 thousand

According to Indian media reports, an engine like the one adapted for the scooter usually costs around 35,000 rupees, or R$2,300. In this case, we apply direct conversion, without additional taxes and charges.

The boy said he didn’t want to get rid of the bike and, therefore, looked for a way to change it. The change eliminated the space where the feet were originally placed. The engine was added to it.

Under the seat, where the fuel tank used to be, is now the air filter. One of the most time consuming jobs was to calibrate the engine completely. The machine was so strong that the current always broke.

To finish the customization, the exhaust used was a Royal Enfield model inspired by the air vents of the Mercedes G-Wagon. The result was a very robust scooter, with a military air and that achieves a performance well above average. After all, with just 10 liters, it would be possible to travel for 800 km without having to fill up at any time.

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