Discover the value of the new Balenciaga bag inspired by a garbage bag

There is a discourse present mainly in social networks, that the Balenciaga deceives the rich with the abusive value of their products. The winter collection started off full of criticism with the shoe destroyed, underscoring a strange new approach. The shoe’s price was around US$1,800, that is, R$9,200 for those with a peculiar taste.

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The director responsible for the line, Demna Gavsalia has already published that he doesn’t mind the bad comments. In a post on Instagram, at a launch, he released the bag that looks like a garbage bag. More extravagant than the footwear, the piece was shown in a fashion show, reinforcing the futurism and detachment from the reality of the next exclusive confections.

In Brazil, some celebrities have surrendered to the Balenciaga aesthetic, with sneakers and strange bags

The bag will be sold for US$1,790, equivalent to R$9,300, even more expensive than announced before the release. If you are doubting that anyone is interested in buying these exotic items, in Brazil the influencer Gkay wasted no time and acquired a pair of sneakers, in addition to being preparing to conquer a Balenciaga Trash Bag.

The contemporary profile of the brand is successful precisely because of the exaggeration, reaching a specific audience. Amid the return of trends, the store’s stylists are betting on the future and unpredictability. Part of what was made so far was directly influenced by the pandemic, leading consumers to adopt new lifestyles and interpretation of reality.

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