Do THIS to not receive messages from strangers on WhatsApp

After the first sending, there is a notification if the number is saved on your cell phone, which always appears when opening the chat. The dashboard shows three options: block, report or add to list. The first two actions should be selected in case you don’t want to receive anything or you noticed some kind of invasive content that needs to be evaluated by the administrators.

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In addition to this alternative, there is another care to change linked to application configuration changes. Access ”Account” and then click on ”Privacy”, restricting the visibility of ”Last Seen”, ”Profile Picture” and ”Note”.

That way you can prevent strangers from having access to this personal information in an unrestricted way. Job offers and tempting opportunities are used to get victims’ attention.

Be sure to set up activities involving groups you are added to for no reason

Many scammers end up accessing photos trying to impersonate them later, asking colleagues and family for money. Be aware of this type of crime that usually happens on the networks. If your idea is to preserve privacy, use all the features available in the application, developed due to these needs reported by users.

Beware of curiosity when trying to verify who messaged and separate personal accounts from business accounts. To avoid being placed in random groups, in settings, select ”Groups” and decide which privacy level is best, based on your experience.

If you want to join a group later, just access the link normally. Regarding code validation, many serious companies appear with a verification seal, attesting to reliability.

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