Henrique and Juliano end the show after a general fight arrives on stage

A performance by the duo Henrique and Juliano in the early hours of Saturday (6) ended up going viral on the internet, but not for the best reason. Several people who were at the show, held in Sorocaba (interior of SP), recorded scenes of violence.

In the images that circulate on social networks, it is possible to see a general confusion, which seems to have started in a VIP area, with tables and a metallic fence. While several people fight and others throw objects, a man appears unconscious on the floor.

See the mess:

The duo interrupted the performance, but the situation was not controlled. With the artists still on stage, many people climbed onto the structure, where security guards tried to contain the chaos that ensued. That’s when Henrique announced that the show was over.

“Sorry, really,” he said. “It’s not because of you, no. It’s really serious. You don’t really deserve an event organized like this. The house needs to be better able to receive the public. for that. I didn’t leave the house for that.”

Arena UZNA, where the concert took place, regretted what happened in a statement and said it was working to identify those involved in order to take legal action against them. The text says that “irresponsible people disrupted the event and disrupted the public’s enjoyment in an isolated incident”.

The company claims that, as in all its events, it was with a certified security company, with a team trained to work in this type of situation, and that it was the first time something like this had happened at its facilities. It also highlights that the show had the contracted duration.
The singers have not publicly commented on the matter. On the duo’s social networks, their team only recorded their passage through the city. “What a show this is at UZNA in Sorocaba, SP”, they wrote. “Guys, thank you so much for receiving us with such affection and singing with us all. May more come!” (Folhapress)

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