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The Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, 52, found dead last Friday (5th) in a penthouse in Ipanema, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, had bruises, abrasions and other types of injuries in more than 15 points of the body, concluded the report. of the IML (Forensic Medical Institute).

Biot was the husband of German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn, 60, who was arrested in the act on Saturday night (6) on suspicion of murdering his partner and had his habeas corpus request denied this Sunday (7) by the Court of Justice.

He said in a statement to the Civil Police that the Belgian had an outbreak and a sudden illness in the apartment where the couple, married for 23 years, had lived for four years. THE Sheet still hasn’t been able to locate his defense.

The autopsy examination, signed by expert witness Reginaldo Franklin Pereira, concluded that the cause of death was “subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the space between the brain and the tissue that covers it), cranial contusion and traumatic brain injury”, produced by a blunt violent or not).

Several injuries were found to the Belgian’s head, arms, legs, torso and buttocks, some of them occurring more than 24 hours earlier, according to the document to which the reporter had access, concluded at 10:37 am on Saturday.

Photos of the body attached to the document show a bruise on his forehead and three major bruises on Biot’s face, including a deeper wound on his lower lip.

In the region of the trunk, there are also large dark bruises, as well as two marks in the form of parallel bands on the front and three more on the back, over 10 cm long.

The two elbows, the left leg and foot, and the right knee are other regions with concentrations of various bruises and excoriations. “The palms of the hands are reddish in color,” wrote the expert.

Also noteworthy is a purple mark on the buttocks, on the “outer edges of the intergluteal cleft”.

At the end, a toxicological examination of the victim was requested. As her husband told police, Biot began consuming excessive drinking and sleeping pills in the last month, motivated by anxiety about the move they would make to Haiti.

According to delegate Camila Lourenço, responsible for investigations at the 14th police station (Leblon), the injuries are not compatible with the version of the fall alleged by the German consul, at first the only person who was with the victim in the apartment that night.

He asked the doorman for help to trigger the Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service), which reported that he tried to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers, but that the Belgian “could not resist and died”. Then the firefighters and military police arrived.

Lourenço told the Sheet that the police have already inspected the apartment, where blood stains were found on the floor and on an armchair and furniture in disarray. The police officers listened to the doorman, the diplomat’s secretary and the police officers who attended to the incident.

Investigations continue to gather more testimonies, evidence and discover possible motivations. The delegate also said that she is receiving support from Itamaraty, which should issue a note on the case this Monday (8). The German Embassy and Consulate have yet to respond.

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