Judge suspected of assaulting girlfriend defies delegate, who registers BO in Fortaleza

A case of domestic violence resulted in a report of the crime at the Women’s Defense Police Station (DDM), in the Couto Fernandes neighborhood, in Fortaleza, on the night of last Friday, the 5th. about the case, but was disregarded by the main suspect in the violence against his girlfriend, a state judge.

The delegate on duty would have prevented the magistrate’s access to the document, as he was the suspect of the aggressions against the woman.

In a statement, the Civil Police of Ceará (PC-CE) reported that the case is in progress and details of the police work will be released at an opportune time so as not to compromise the ongoing investigations.

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The corporation also highlighted that it “provides full support to the delegate who was offended while carrying out her constitutional duty”.

THE PEOPLE sought out the Ceará Court of Justice (TJCE) to find out details of the investigation and what measures should be taken about the judge suspected of the aggressions and awaits a response.

The Association of Civil Police Delegates of Ceará (Adepol/CE) was also contacted by the THE PEOPLE for a position on the case, and awaits a response.

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