MEIs earn fast credit of up to BRL 20,000; see how to request

Become an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) provides several advantages to the owner of a small business. Among them we can highlight the right to social security benefits, such as the INSS retirement, for example. On the other hand, access to new credit modalities may also arise, as in the case of loan for MEI from BNDES.

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The National Development Bank (BNDES) offers a special credit to individuals or legal entities engaged in small-scale productive activities. Annual gross revenue in each calendar year cannot exceed R$360,000.

The purpose of the service is to offer resources for use in working capital and investments in the business, such as renovation, purchase of new or used machinery and equipment, acquisition of inputs and materials, among others.

service values

BNDES microcredit for entrepreneurs offers the financing of up to BRL 20 thousand, both for formal and informal micro-entrepreneurs. Regarding interest rates, they are negotiated between the operating agent and the customer, and it is not allowed to exceed the percentage of 4% per month (including charges).

However, interested parties should pay attention to the administrative fee which, in turn, can be added at the time of opening the credit by the operating agent. Overall, it was defined that it cannot exceed 3% of the financed amount.

Regarding payment terms, they are negotiated directly with the operating agent.

How to request microcredit of up to R$ 20 thousand from BNDES?

Interested in requesting microcredit should send the request through the MPME Channel, or go to the operator of the BNDES Microcredit closer. Another alternative is to consult financial institutions that offer their own networks of credit operators.

Bearing in mind that, in all cases, the operating agent will be responsible for analyzing the possibility of granting the resources, as well as the financing conditions.

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