Palmeiras beats Goiás in the field and Messias in the stands – 07/08/2022

With a great goal by Mayke and one of those modern penalties that fit the rule, but do not fit the definition “ball in hand is not a foul”, Palmeiras defined the game against Goiás in the first half.

Yes, when Palmeiras is losing by 2 x 0, the opponent needs to be very attentive. When it’s 2 x 0 up front, forget it. Afterwards, Atuesta gave final numbers to the scorer, as they used to say.

The team reached 45 points and opened six of Corinthians, the vice leader. They face each other on Saturday, in Itaquera, in the classic where saving is an invitation to crisis.

With Veiga scoring again from the penalty spot, Palmeiras walks back towards the title. Honestly, I don’t see Corinthians as a worthy opponent, but that can be defined in the derby. At the moment, Flamengo and Fluminense are showing high-level football.

But, whoever it is, the difference in points leaves Palmeiras as a favorite.

Victory also came from the stands. The crowd that sings and vibrates reacted to the manipulation of Jair Bolsonaro, which I had explained here.

“Not here!”, reacted the crowd.

You are not from Palmeiras.

It was a big step on the part of the fans to make it clear that it is the false association that was forced in 2019.

The club’s official profile showed a photo of Jair with Leila. Neither of them knows how to declaim the Academy of 65. Or 72.

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