Vice on the PT ticket in Ceará gives up after attacks on the networks

Renata Almeida (MDB) was officially named on Friday (5.aug); on Saturday, she announced her resignation via Instagram

Physiotherapist Renata Almeida (MDB) gave up this Saturday (06.Aug.2022) to compose the PT slate for the Government of Ceará as deputy of Elmano Freitas (PT) 1 day after having his name official. According to her, the reason is the attacks she had been receiving on social media after taking over the post.

“In the face of the series of attacks I have received on social media since the moment my name was announced as a pre-candidate for the government, with many fake news that hit my honor and my family hard, I decide to renounce my candidacy”, published on Instagram.

Here is the publication:

The ticket needs to register another name with the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) by August 15th.

Former governor Camilo Santana (PT) sympathized with the decision of the former vice-president. We respect Renata Almeida’s personal decision to withdraw from the vice race and offer solidarity for the attacks she suffered along with her family on social media. The project is still going strong. Our fight is for an increasingly fair and solidary Ceará, free from intolerance and hatred”, he wrote on your Twitter profile.

Elmano Freitas (PT) announced that a new name for vice on the ticket is already being discussed. “Solidarity to Renata Almeida in the face of attacks suffered by her and her family on social media, and respect for her personal decision to withdraw from the dispute. The campaign discusses a new name for us to remain firm in the fight for an increasingly stronger Ceará”, published on your Twitter profile.

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