Abel listens to a psychologist from Palmeiras when making a ticket with a campinho

As much as good football, in the victory of Palmeiras over Goiás, last Sunday (7), the ticket delivered by Abel Ferreira to side Mayke during the second half drew attention. The TV cameras even caught that the paper on which the message about positioning was transmitted had a football field drawn.

It’s not by chance. O UOL Esporte found that almost all of Alviverde’s pads of paper and notebooks have designed fields. The small pad, from which the message to Mayke came from, was Abel’s idea, who asked for a smaller copy with the same characteristics as the others.

The very visual explanations to the players were an initiative of Abel Ferreira, born of a conversation with Gisele Silva, a psychologist at Palmeiras.

At Abel’s request, Gisele started to work closer to the players, following the team’s training on the side of the field, as well as some daily and pre-game lectures.

In one of those moments, she observed that the players seemed to be having a hard time understanding what Abel was saying in terms of instructions. And, according to UOL Esporte found out with people present at the scene, it was then that she suggested:

“Professor, try to draw. Players will understand better.”

‘Giant’ tactical board and board

d - Reproduction TV Palmeiras - Reproduction TV Palmeiras

Giant tactical field created by Abel Ferreira’s coaching staff

Image: Reproduction TV Palmeiras

From there, Abel increased his use of images when giving instructions to players. In Abu Dhabi, at the Club World Cup, he even took a blackboard to the Zayed Sports City lawn to explain the moves.

Abel and his commission also created a giant tactical panel, nearly two meters high by one meter wide, which is placed on the dressing room floor during halftime.

Instead of using the traditional tactical board, on a tripod, Abel passes instructions with large cones arranged over this horizontal field, which also makes the coordinates easier to see and understand.

Abel and his commission also use a lot of videos, but they changed the way to get the movies to the players.

Previously, they did a lot of screenings in the Football Academy’s movie theater. But Abel and his aides were warned by the players that it was becoming tiring to be locked in the room almost every day. Currently, most of the videos go to players through the WhatsApp messaging app.

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